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How-to-use MarkinBOX software

Top tips on sketchbook2

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How-to-use Patmark software

Top tips on PM Win Software

Tips YouTube Videos

Download PM Win Software ID Application form for optioned Windows software from here.

ID Application form

Contact information

Feel free to make inquiries using the email form, telephone or facsimile.

TEL:+81-3-5611-7771(head office)


Inquiry form

Remote Support

Remote support service is available.
Before click the button below,
you may check connectivity internet thru your computer which was installed sketchbook2 software,
then call to our support team.

Remote support

Downlaod information

Access to the download site for MarkinBOX series


Support of discontinued products

Here is a policy regarding with discontinued product.

  • Period of supply parts: 5 years from end of production
  • Period of repair support: 7 years from end of production
  • Discontinued product list and support period as of now.
    End of production End of supply parts End of repair support
    MB1 Controller April 2013 It’s has ended. April 2020
    MB3315 August 2014 August 2019 August 2021
    MB8020 November 2015 November 2020 November 2022
    MB2 Controller December 2016 December 2021 December 2023

*Some products may not be able to get repaired as supply parts have ended even though before the end of repair support. Please contact our support desk before placing an order for repair.