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Are you still using a hammer?

Patmark-mini is called “Digital Punch” in
another word. The most innovated of marking
tool delivers you safe with hammer-free
experience needless of exhausting.

[Marking area] 15mm (0.6”) x 15mm (0.6”)


Identification mark on aluminum cast

Carry and mark with "Digital Punch"

Marking on hardened material HRC62

Works on all directions

Readable 2D code by smartphone

Your working fields matter.

Ideal industrial marker, Patmark let you expand
more capability of marking work.
Having a longer window 33mm (1.3”), is giving you
an efficient and cost-effective marking solution.

[Marking area] 15mm (0.6”) x 33mm (1.3”)



Deep mark on structural steel

Mark 2D code on pipe

Hanging by tool balancer

Logo mark on curved surface

Bright LED guides marking location

Check out
the simple operation
for yourself.

The following video introduces the advantages of Patmark.

Free App

Battery, wifi and smartphone? It happens!
Simple steps starting. Just download Patmark app from App Store or Playstore.
Find the Patmark’s SSID on Wifi following the serial number on the Patmark unit.
Open Patmark app then start key-in.

PM Win Software

Here’s a great solution. PM Win software provides you more features such as
mark multiple lines, logo, QR and DM code, serialized number and auto calendar.
In addition, with using PM Win software, expand its capability with storing up
to 255 files on Patmark which are readable in the handheld device.


Varied options expand more capability.

USB connector for PM Win Software.
(standard equipped)

AC Adapter Jack for direct power.
(standard equipped)

Metal guide set for Patmark-mini.

Carry case for Patmark-mini.
(Standard for Patmark-mini only)

Magnetic String text fixture.

Transparent marking guide for string text fixture.

Overview & Specifications

Patmark Overview

Drawing Download

Specifications of the Patmark unit / Price

Patmark-mini Patmark
Marking area 15mm (0.6") x 15mm (0.6") 33mm(1.3") x 15mm(0.6")
Power AC adapter AC100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Battery *25.2V 3.0Ah
Battery charger Input 100~240V 50/60Hz
Weight When use AC adapter 1.4㎏ (3lbs) 2.3kg (4.9lbs)
When use Battery *attached 25.2V 2.3kg (4.9lb) 3.2kg (6.9lbs)
Software iOS, Android app (standrad) Free app - WIFI connectivity
PM Win software Freen software - WIFI, USB connectivity
Material Metal (availavle up to HRC62),
Plastic, Paper, Wood products
Retail Price
AC adapter Set USD1,700 + TAX~ USD2,700 + TAX~
Battery Set USD2,200 + TAX~ USD3,200 + TAX~

*Please note that the battery may be changed due to the circumstance of the battery manufacturer.

*Taxes, tariffs, freight and currency exchange rates are different on depend on countries.

Specifications of App and PM Win Software (option) / Price

Patmark-mini Patmark
Text height app 1 - 15mm *0.5mm pitch
PM Win Softwre 1 - 15mm *0.1mm pitch
Fonts Alphanumeric, Symbols
2D code PM Win Software only Data Matrix, QR code (upto 80 letters)
Logo PM Win Software only Browse and trace JPEG, BMP on Logo Editor
Aumatic DXF converter
Multiple lines app Single line only
PM Win Software Available multiple lines within markng area
Serial number PM Win Software only 0001 - 9999
Auto date PM Win Software only Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Julian date