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Mid-sized marker combining portability with a long horizontal marking area.

Marking area of X axis 80mm × Y axis 20mm.

A little larger than MB3315S, a little smaller than MB1010…
then this is just what you need


This an entirely new design philosophy

Deep marking is another possible option.

In the 8020S, the deep marking solenoid
(BSD) can also be attached as an optional
feature. All you need to do is replace the head.

Enough wide area

We have realized a wide functional area
while retaining portability.
VIN number marking is also possible.

Maintenance is also easy.

Replacing consumable parts is simple.
Minimum stress-free maintenance.

Check out
the simple operation
for yourself.

The following video introduces the advantages of MarkinBOX8020S.

Product details & workpiece samples

MarkinBOX MB8020S Constitution

Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate finished with a rubber coating.

Tool and post is provided as an option.

Big Solenoid (BSD) for deeper marking is an option.

A metal cover is provided as an option.

Workpiece samples

Left : Marking on plated mild steel
Right : Marking on round stainless steel

Overview & Specification / Price

MB8020S Overview

Drawing Download

MB8020S Specification / Price

Marking area X axis 80mm (3.1") x Y axis 20mm (0.8")
Standard cable length 3M (10')
Head dimensions 173mm (6.8") x 83mm (3.3") x 214mm (8.4")
Head weight 2.1kg (4.6lbs)
Tool and post dimensions
220mm (8.7") x 300mm (11.8") x 573mm (22.6")
Material application Metal (HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods
Recommended Retail Price USD 5,480 + TAX ~

*Taxes, tariffs, freight and currency exchange rates are different on depend on countries.